Geoselect 3.0.0

ArcGIS 9.x program extension tool

Geoselect is a useful extension software program for the ArcGIS 9. x integrated system. The program performs many functions, such as collecting data sources of current active projects into another folder in the specified format, adapting the project (.

mxd) to the new data, checking for duplicates, projecting all layers to a uniform coordinate system of the project, and preserving relative paths.

Geoselect effectively functions in the publication circulation of the data as a sample of the large stationary base similar to the Arc SDE, in the integration of non-uniform vector data formats into one, the re-projection of layers to a uniform coordinate system, the expansion of functionality of the ArcPublisher module for publication of the data, and the import association of several projects into one.

It also changes the data sources for all feature classes with a uniform data source document and supports several data types like Geodatabase, Coverage, TIN, ArcIMS Services, CAD, SDE, Rasters, and .

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